Cook Up To 20% More Food At Once!
The Amazing Non-Stick All-Round Square Pan
Try The Copper Chef 5 Piece System
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Prep, Cook, & Serve In 1 Family-Sized Pan!
The innovative square design of Copper Chef lets you cook up to 20% more food than traditional round pans, saving you time & money!
  • 100% Non-Stick Ceramic Coating - Crafted with the highest-quality materials for superior heat conduction!
  • Heat Resistant Up To 454° -  Sear meat in a flash!
  • NO Added Fat - Food never sticks, so there's no need to add extra butter, oils, or calories 

  • PTFE, & PFOA-Free - Won't chip, peel, or flake into your food
  • Dishwasher Safe - No more boiling, straining, scrubbing, or scraping. 
  • Copper Chef is copper coloured only
Breakthrough Technology, Quality Craftsmanship
Cerami-Tech Non-Stick Technology
Cook healthier meals without butter or oil
5 Layer Construction
Heavy-duty design tackles multiple cooking tasks
Stainless Steel
Induction Plate

Heats pan quickly

Replace All These With One Non-Stick, Easy Clean Pan!
Try The Copper Chef 5 Piece System
Single Payment of $199.96 or Multi Payments 4 x $49.99
+ $14.95 P&H